Welcome to Zorro’s Nest!

My name is Dina. I’m a lifetime student who is always afraid to talk about my thoughts and feelings openly. This blog is my tool to share all my stories: fear, sadness, angry, happy, literally any strong feeling I can express via through words. Basically, this blog is my alter ego. It shows my other side that nobody will ever notice easily in real life (if you acquainted me in real life but not really close, you won’t see me as a melancholic person unless you are very observant).

I choose Zorro’s Nest as my blog name and link just because I can’t think of any other combination of names. I choose zorro is because I love seeing fox videos and pictures on Instagram (fox means zorro in Spanish). The other reason why I choose zorro is because I like Zorro’s persona (you know, the character Zorro in movies, the mysterious guy who wear black outfit, black sombrero hat, and a black mask). I know, I might not fit Zorro’s persona, but I wanna follow his double face, the face he uses as a commoner and the other face (mask, to be honest) as a person who helps citizen. The difference is that the I who people knows in real life is based on their perceptions, while the I who writes the posts here shows the side that is not based on people’s perception (alter ego). As for nest, I don’t really know why I choose nest. It maybe because I was inspired by nest. This blog is like a nest for me.

If you wanna tell me something (suggestions, thoughts, anything), you can leave comments on any posts or if you don’t feel confident/comfortable enough, just send me a message to @dina.makan (Instagram) or herdina.primasanti@mail.ugm.ac.id. I’m glad to receive all your messages.