[Travel Diary]: Unexpected Trip to Kedung Pedut

Hey, there! I know, I don’t write much lately since I have a lot of things to do. This time, I wanna share my trip that’s not exactly a trip. It’s more likely just having fun visiting places–to Taman Sungai Mudal and Kedung Pedut Waterfall on Saturday, September 14. I went there with five other people from Project Child Indonesia. Let’s start, shall we?


“Hey, we’re gonna have a Study Club about Korean culture and a nature-based Picnic Club to Taman Sungai Mudal on Saturday,” Kak Hafiz said in the group (of course it wasn’t like this. It was a broadcast, I just write a ;tldr).

Because I was so excited to go somewhere nature, I signed up. I thought the picnic club will be a casual picnic day, having fun together on the spot. I prepared a backpack filled with clothes for change and shower stuffs plus my camera bag filled with my gears and a tripod. I had no idea what the place was like, so I brought these bags.

On Saturday, Indira and Kak Hafiz (“kak” is a shorter version of “kakak”, a mention word to call someone who is older than you, usually to people who are between 1-9 years our senior) reminded us that we’d depart from the office at 10 a.m., yet as there’s a person who suddenly canceled (though we waited for him) and we had to wait for Nadia to come to the office as she had to pick her mom first to go somewhere, we departed at almost 11 a.m. Then, we took a stop in front of Indomaret to meet Rea and Permadi.

When we arrived there, Rea had already arrived but Permadi hadn’t come yet. While waiting, we chatted and each of us bought something from Indomaret. Then, Permadi arrived at 12. Because we had no other people who joined in the next stop, we went straight to Taman Sungai Mudal. Kak Hafiz and Permadi were alone, while Rea was with Nadia and I was with Indira. The arrangement of our convoy was like this: Indira and I were the lead, followed by Rea and Nadia, then Permadi and Kak Hafiz. Everything was fine until we met a steep street. Other motorbikes went up smoothly, but ours was getting slower although Indira had made the motorbike on a safe speed. We were super scared. I started to think about the possibility of me walking along the ascending street when the motorbike gained its speed back. We sighed in relief.

Arriving there, we got a disappointment. The water was empty. So, we just ascended the uneven stairs, took some photos, and eat noodles together. After that, we went to a nearby waterfall. However, the waterfall had no water at the moment, so we moved to Kedung Pedut Waterfall. Fortunately, there’s water there. Again, we had to ascend and descend uneven stairs. I felt like I was hiking to some mountain because the stairs were uneven and I brought a lot of things, as if I went hiking. Then, we stopped at a spring which has blue water. The others swimmed there, while I kept their belongings and took photos of them. We finished at 5 p.m. and then we went to Morteca (a local food stall) to eat.

Overall, I can say that if the water is plenty in each places, the view is going to be so beautiful.

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